Recommendations include securing personal finances, investing in local trade and nature-based jobs

TORONTO — The David Suzuki Foundation has issued a series of recommendations to the Government of Ontario that support the financial and social wellbeing of residents during this health emergency, and aid in a post-pandemic redesign of the economy.

The proposal aims to increase the disposable income of Ontarians and the most vulnerable businesses, promote access to quality public services and ensure an equitable and sustainable Ontario economy.

“We need innovative approaches to rebuild the province,” David Suzuki Foundation director general for Ontario and Northern Canada Yannick Beaudoin said. “The actions we’re proposing create jobs, provide financial supports and help solve environmental challenges.”

The recommendations include:

  • Establish a guaranteed basic income
  • Support local farms and increase purchases of “Made in Ontario” products
  • Develop digital infrastructure to improve high-speed internet access
  • Support development of a zero-waste, circular and socially responsive economy
  • Accelerate transit and zero-emissions transportation projects
  • Launch energy-efficient building renovations
  • Partner with Indigenous communities on land-use decisions
  • Develop innovative financial instruments such as green and social bonds
  • Plan sustainable urban infrastructure
  • Build more social and community housing
  • Boost nature-based job creation, including restoration of natural infrastructure solutions such as green roofs, green parking areas and natural drainage basins

“We applaud the Ontario government’s early leadership in deploying emergency support measures to help workers and businesses affected by the crisis,” Beaudoin said. “We hope they’ll consider our recommendations. Each leverages our province’s unique opportunities for innovation and can help boost our economic and overall wellbeing.”

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For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact:

Kate Adach, David Suzuki Foundation, 416-970-4985,

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