The David Suzuki Foundation welcomes the federal government’s announcement yesterday that it will review key pieces of environmental legislation, including returning provisions stripped away in 2012’s omnibus budget bill.

Strengthening legislation such as the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act provides an opportunity for the federal government to make Canada the environmental and climate action leader that Canadians want. “This is Canada’s chance to be an international leader and build a credible assessment process that shifts us away from oil, coal and natural gas by 2050 as committed to in the Paris Agreement,” said David Suzuki Foundation science and policy director Ian Bruce.

“Canada’s environmental assessment process must include a real climate test that assesses the viability of fossil fuel project proposals as we look forward to a zero-emission Canada by 2050. Strong processes, panels and regulations are needed to move Canada from polluting fossil fuels to cleaner and safer sources of energy,” Bruce said.

The Foundation is encouraged that the government is considering restoring environmental protections lost in the 2012 omnibus bill. A strong Canadian Environmental Assessment Act and habitat protections under the Fisheries Act are fundamental to maintaining Canada’s rich ecosystems, diverse wildlife and healthy communities.

“These reviews represent an excellent opportunity for Canadians to provide input that will shape the way this country makes decisions that affect the environment,” Bruce said.

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