David Suzuki Foundation Statement:

The David Suzuki Foundation applauds the B.C. government and Coastal First Nations’ final ratification of the Great Bear Rainforest agreement for its recognition of aboriginal rights to shared decision-making and its commitment to strict conservation measures in the Great Bear Rainforest, the largest intact temperate rainforest on the planet.

With 26 government-to-government agreements with resident First Nations, and collaboration with environmental groups and industry, the agreement ratifies a progressive approach to conservation and economic development in the region’s ancient forests and pristine watersheds. We applaud the agreement for supporting restrictive logging rules and ensuring that most of the high biodiversity zones and 85 per cent of the forested landscape will be protected. The region will now be co-managed with First Nations who will benefit from improved economic and conservation opportunities.

The Foundation, led by co-founder Tara Cullis, began working on community economic development opportunities with First Nations communities on the coast more than 18 years ago.

Premier Clark has committed to ending the commercial grizzly hunt in the Great Bear Rainforest. We urge the premier to work with local First Nations to ensure that such protections are established in law.

The agreement opens the door to implement marine plans recently negotiated by the B.C. government with First Nations, and to pursue new measures to protect grizzlies, black bears and wolves facing mounting pressure from trophy and other forms of hunting.

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