VANCOUVER — The David Suzuki Foundation supports the federal government’s decision to commit to a national price on carbon pollution.

The federal rebate on carbon pricing, announced today, is a much-needed and timely decision in light of the recent scientific report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

“The science clearly shows that far-reaching collective action to reduce climate pollution is required and the majority of economists agree on a key solution: carbon pricing is an effective tool that lowers carbon pollution at least cost and makes renewable energy more affordable,” David Suzuki Foundation director of science and policy Ian Bruce said.

“Climate change is harming the physical and mental health of Canadians, from the effects of extreme weather like heat waves to the anxiety felt from being displaced from our homes by wildfires and flooding,” Bruce said.

“A national price on carbon helps ensure polluters do their fair share to address the problem at its source: the burning of oil, coal and natural gas,” Bruce said. “Carbon pricing is a smart climate solution that encourages everyone – from businesses to citizens – to find ways to be more efficient and to invest in cleaner and safer energy choices. Canadians are good at innovating. We know energy and have the skills and knowhow to find solutions to climate change. Carbon pricing is one way to help us do what we do best; it is part of any credible comprehensive climate plan.”

“Whether you’re in Saskatchewan, British Columbia or Ontario, we all have to do our bit to protect our health and the planet for our children.”

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