VANCOUVER — Last night Mayor Michael Fougere and Regina city councillors passed a historic motion to become a 100 per cent renewable city by 2050.

“Regina is proactively shaping its energy future,” David Suzuki Foundation manager of renewable energy Sherry Yano said. “It’s inspiring to see the community momentum — from Regina residents who organized town halls and events to the mayor and councillors’ leadership.”

The provincial government’s goal is to have 50 per cent of the province’s electricity come from renewable resources by 2030. This is the first time a Saskatchewan municipality has set its sights on becoming an official “renewable city.”

“Renewable energy means new jobs, energy diversification, greater community resilience and climate protection,” Yano said. “Today, Regina joins other Canadian communities creating a livable, sustainable and resilient future — Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Toronto, Guelph and more.”

Regina has some of the best potential in the country for solar power. The Queen City sees as much sunshine year-round as Sydney, Australia.

“We’re excited to watch Regina become 100 per cent renewable,” Yano said. “A renewable energy future is no longer a distant idea. It’s real and it’s happening across Canada.”

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