TORONTO, ON — We congratulate the federal government for tabling the amended Rouge National Urban Park Act that will ensure stronger ecological protection for the park’s sensitive landscape and wildlife. The amended Rouge National Urban Park Act includes changes that enshrine the importance of managing the park to maintain its ecological integrity, which was absent from the original Act. This change and the increase in park land area, including the addition of Ontario’s provincial land holdings will make the park a treasure all Canadians can enjoy. The federal government is also following through on the financial commitments for management promised by the former federal government.

This is a significant day for Ontario’s Rouge watershed. The Act marks an important action to protect and invest in one of the province’s most pristine remaining Carolinian forest ecosystems. We also look forward to working with the federal government over the coming year to improve and enlarge Canada’s first urban national park. There is important work to be done to strengthen the management plan, encourage the cancellation of the unnecessary Pickering airport proposal and create a 30,000 acre Rouge National Urban Park by including all remaining 9,600 acres of federal lands within the park’s boundary.

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