The David Suzuki Foundation welcomes B.C.’s legislation on zero emission cars and trucks as a critical contribution to decreasing carbon pollution from the transportation sector. If passed, the legislation promises to make it easier for British Columbians to go electric.

“Let’s get B.C. moving by passing a strong law for cleaner cars and trucks so families can breathe cleaner air and have better car choices,” David Suzuki Foundation science and policy director Ian Bruce said.

Transportation accounts for about 40 per cent of B.C.’s carbon emissions.

“Reducing emissions through the increased adoption of electric vehicles is central to solving the climate crisis, along with increased active transportation like biking and walking, lower-carbon fuels, smarter city-design and faster, better public transit,” Bruce said.

B.C. joins other North American jurisdictions like Quebec and California where similar legislation has resulted in greater EV supply and sales, cleaner air and more consumer choice.

Electric cars enjoy better performance, are more energy efficient, create less air and carbon pollution and are cheaper to operate than gasoline-powered vehicles.

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