OTTAWA  From the COP25 international climate conference in Madrid, David Suzuki Foundation CEO Stephen Cornish reacted to today’s speech from the throne: 

“The federal government has committed to prioritizing climate action in this session of Parliament. While the speech is an important signal, what really counts is the action that follows. We are running out of time to solve the climate crisis. The IPCC has given us just a decade to reduce global emissions by half. The David Suzuki Foundation calls on all parties to fast-track effective action to meet and exceed Canada’s Paris emissions-reduction commitments. Otherwise, we jeopardize our ability to leave a safe and liveable planet for future generations.” 

As stated in today’s speech from the throne, Canadians are counting on this Parliament to fight climate change. Early action should include: 

  • Setting Canada on the path to net-zero emissions by 2050  
  • Legislating carbon emission reduction targets, including stronger 2030 climate targets in line with the best available science  
  • Holding the line on cutting methane pollution from oil and gas  
  • Ensuring fairness across Canada on pricing carbon emissions from heavy emitters  
  • Developing a robust standard for cleaner fuels  
  • Investing in zero-emission electric vehicles and requiring automakers to increase supply 
  • Continuing investments in public transit and accelerating deployment of electric buses 
  • Transitioning to a clean power future by accelerating energy efficiency and renewable energy 

“Alongside the climate emergency, we are also witnessing catastrophic biodiversity loss, and these two crises are interlinked. Nature is part of our identity as Canadians. We must lead the global effort to expand protected areas,” Cornish said. The speech from the throne committed to protecting 25 per cent of Canada’s lands and oceans by 2025. 

Modernizing the 20-year-old Canadian Environmental Protection Act, which the government committed to in its election platform, will also help protect the natural environment and human health from pollution and toxic exposures. “People in Canada expect government to protect their right to a healthy environment and a stable climate – now and for future generations,” Cornish said.

“We may not yet be on track, but meaningful progress was made by this government last term and it’s heartening to see this continued focus on addressing the climate emergency and protecting nature. 

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