Across Canada, a movement is growing

Ecojustice and the David Suzuki Foundation are partners in the Blue Dot movement, a national campaign to advance the legal recognition of every Canadian’s right to a healthy environment.

When we launched the Blue Dot Tour in 2014, we never dreamed this movement would receive such widespread support. More than 112,000 people, 25,000 volunteers and 175 communities have signed on to the Blue Dot movement.

We can’t stop now.

It’s time to let members of Parliament know about this support, as they can make a federal bill reality. We need to keep organizing, knocking on doors, sharing the Blue Dot pledge, meeting with MPs and using innovative digital tools to make our voices heard. We have to demonstrate widespread support to achieve a federal environmental bill of rights.

We will continue to build momentum — online and in key ridings across the country.

What do you get the country that has it all for its 150th birthday? A bill of rights that will ensure protection of its natural assets for generations to come is a great start.

David Suzuki (Canadian Geographic and The Walrus special issue)