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David Suzuki is a world-renowned scientist, broadcaster, author and activist. Science Matters is his weekly column on science and its role in nature, society and politics.

David is beloved for his ability to make science and environmental issues relatable. Believing that public awareness of scientific and environmental issues contributes to better science policies and an enriched culture, Science Matters promotes a greater understanding of the complex world in which we live.

You’ll get:

  • A weekly column covering a range of topics that is digestible, understandable, concise and always interesting.
  • Insights into how science connects to your daily life, along with clear take-aways.
  • Ideas and inspiration that will empower you to act, as well as the knowledge and tools to do so.
  • Chances to speak out on subjects you care about, updates on pressing environmental issues and ways you can support our work.

Don’t miss these critical updates from one of Canada’s most recognizable, vocal and trusted environmentalists.

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