Photo: Tara Magee

Butterflyway Ranger program

Want your neighbourhood to be butterfly-filled? Become a Butterflyway Ranger.

About the Butterflyway Rangers

The Butterflyway Project is a volunteer-led movement growing highways of habitat for bees and butterflies across Canada.

Thank you to everyone that applied to become a Butterflyway Ranger in 2021! All applicants will hear back from us shortly.

Since 2017, each year we have recruited awesome people from communities throughout Canada to become Butterflyway Rangers. They are community builders, nature lovers, re-wilders, schemers, and dreamers. Dedicated people with talents and skills to share with others in their communities. They are people who care. People with the courage to lead. People ready to shine.

Butterflyway Rangers help make their communities greener and healthier, one fun planting project and community event at a time. They create opportunities, connect people and champion ideas.

Rangers are the public face of the Butterflyway Project in their communities. They get online leadership training and learn skills to influence and bring people together. They learn about the wonders of bees, butterflies and wildflowers. And they meet a ton of awesome people through the national Butterflyway Rangers network.

The goal of the Butterflyway Project is to establish habitat for local bees and butterflies in communities throughout the country. Each Ranger is tasked with organizing a small local team to help them plant at least a dozen pollinator patches. To find out if there is a Ranger in your community, please email

Benefits of being a Ranger

Rangers receive online training from David Suzuki Foundation staff and national experts through monthly webinars and online meetups with fellow Rangers.

Rangers are part of an inspiring national network of more than 1,000 doers and leaders.


The Ranger roles are voluntary (unpaid). Rangers participate in monthly webinars and contribute in a variety of ways, from hosting and participating in online and in-person events to organizing plantings big and small.

Selection process and timeline

New Butterflyway Rangers are recruited each winter. The recruitment period for 2021 closed on February 5. If you are interested in applying to become a Ranger in 2022, please subscribe to the David Suzuki Foundation e-newsletter or follow the David Suzuki Foundation on social media. To find a Ranger in your community, please email