Butterflyway Schools program

In 2020, representatives from 250 schools participated in our first Butterflyway Schools pilot project.

About the Butterflyway Schools

The Butterflyway Project is a volunteer-led movement growing highways of habitat for bees and butterflies across Canada.

Over the past four years, the Butterflyway Project has helped plant butterfly-friendly pollinator patches in hundreds of schoolyards. With the help of the Kenneth M. Molson Foundation and Monarch Nation, last year representatives from 250 schools throughout Canada participated in Butterflyway Schools webinars. In the fall, we provided free wildflowers to 50 schools in five cities!

Butterflyway Schools 2021

Though we had great interest in the Butterflyway Schools pilot project in 2020, this year we will only be able to provide wildflowers to schools in B.C. that joined the project last year.

We will continue to support our Butterflyway School representatives by sharing resources and hosting informational webinars this year. We hope to find additional funding to grow the Butterflyway Schools program in more communities in the future.