Donate to our endowment fund

When you contribute to our endowment fund, you create a long-term legacy that's good for the planet.

You can make donations, bequests or gifts of assets such as houses, insurance and stocks. You can also set up a named fund to honour your family or a loved one.

To set up a plan or learn more, contact our Community Giving team at 1-800-453-1533 or


What is an endowment fund?

Think of an endowment fund as an untouchable savings account. The principal is maintained in perpetuity. Investment returns create a source of income or may be reinvested to grow the principal.

Income from our endowment fund gives us long-term stability, so we can tackle systemic environmental problems. It also allows us to respond quickly to unexpected environmental crises.


Is your endowment fund fossil-fuel free?

Yes. We do not invest in companies involved in the extraction, processing or transportation of fossil fuels. Fossil fuel industries are a risk for both investors and the planet. Religious and health-care groups, cities and universities, and people from all walks of life are moving their financial assets away from fossil fuel companies.

Our mission guides our investment decisions. Our financial managers have built a better portfolio based on strict standards that match our organizational values.

We work with professionals to screen investments in publicly traded companies based on social and environmental criteria. This requires in-depth research and frequent review because corporate practices change all the time.

Certain types of businesses, such as weapons, tobacco and pornography, are excluded. The remaining companies’ social and environmental performances are assessed. Only the highest-ranking corporations are included in our portfolio.

These investment decisions have not harmed our financial returns.

Ask your financial adviser to explain your investments and how you can make changes that reflect your commitment to the planet.