Community fundraisers (individuals and groups)

Brainstorm your idea

You can donate funds from:

  • Birthday parties and other lifecycle events
  • “athons” (run, walk, hike, marathon, etc.)
  • Bake sales and jelly bean guesses
  • Art sales
  • Pub nights
  • School/group fundraisers
  • Whatever you imagine!

Set up your CanadaHelps website (or collect cash and cheques)

A CanadaHelps fundraising website accepts credit card donations so you don’t have to worry about collecting any other forms.

  • Set up your fundraiser here.
    • Set David Suzuki Foundation as your charity.
    • Include “David Suzuki Foundation” and your name or organization in your fundraiser title, e.g., “Jane Smith’s 10K Run for the David Suzuki Foundation”
    • Donate to yourself first before you ask people to contribute. Your supporters will see others have donated when they visit your page.
  • Once your fundraiser is complete, please let us know: (CanadaHelps does not notify us.)
  • If you do not wish to create a CanadaHelps website, you can also collect cash and cheques.

Spread the word

  • Ask yourself: Why are you fundraising for us? Your story will inspire donors.
  • Use social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).
  • Email potential donors. Personalize your story as much as possible. Include direct links for donating.
  • Promote your event with posters, school announcements and advertisements.
  • Repeat your message. People may not donate the first time they hear about what you’re doing. (Many will appreciate your reminder.)
  • Edit your email lists as you go. Avoid soliciting funds from people who’ve already donated.
  • If you hit your financial goal, increase it!
  • Give donors an incentive e.g., “I’m only $200 away from my $1,000 goal! Will you help?”

Host your event

  • Make a list of all the things you’ll need in advance.
  • Make sure you’re set up to receive donations.
  • Print out donation collection forms for your event if donors need tax receipts.
  • After you event is over, let everyone know how it went! Sometimes interested donors forget. They’ll appreciate the reminder.

Submit funds collected (if not using CanadaHelps)

  • Collect cash, cheques (payable to the David Suzuki Foundation) and forms.
  • Please do not send cash in the mail. Tally the cash and either submit a cheque payable to the David Suzuki Foundation for the total or submit a donation for the entire amount by credit card using the donation collection-form.

Important: On the memo line of the donation form, note that this donation is a collection of cash from several people.

  • Put all donations and forms together in an envelope. Include a note with your fundraiser details. Mail to:

David Suzuki Foundation
Attention: Community giving
219-2211 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver, B.C. V6K 4S2

Thank your donors

  • Respond to donations as soon as possible.
  • Make your messages personal.

Feel terrific

Raising money is challenging and rewarding. Be proud of what you’ve accomplished! Let us know your event is complete:

Thank you!