Community fundraisers (individuals and groups)

Brainstorm your idea

You can donate funds from:

  • Birthday parties and other lifecycle events
  • “athons” (run, walk, hike, marathon, etc.)
  • Bake sales and jelly bean guesses
  • Art sales
  • Pub nights
  • School/group fundraisers
  • Whatever you imagine!

Start your fundraiser

Use Facebook Fundraising

You can start a fundraiser right on your Facebook page and 100 per cent of donations you collect will go straight to the David Suzuki Foundation.

Set up your fundraiser here.

  • Click on “Select Nonprofit” and search for “David Suzuki Foundation.” (Please do not select “David Suzuki Foundation USA” as these donations will go to our U.S.-affiliated charity.)
  • Set your goal. Don’t be afraid to set a stretch goal! If you don’t achieve your goal, all donations will still go to the Foundation. Every gift helps, no matter the size.
  • Choose your end date. If you’re fundraising for your birthday, that’s a good day to pick — and happy birthday!
  • Give your fundraiser a title and tell your friends why you’re raising money.
  • Click “Create.”

Once your fundraiser is complete, please let us know: (Facebook does not notify us.)

Use CanadaHelps

A CanadaHelps fundraising website accepts credit card donations so you don’t have to worry about collecting any forms.

Set up your fundraiser here.

  • Click “Create Your Fundraiser.”
  • Sign in or click “Create one” if you don’t have an account.
  • Set “David Suzuki Foundation” as your charity.
  • Include “David Suzuki Foundation” and your name or organization in your fundraiser title, e.g., “Jane Smith’s 10K Run for the David Suzuki Foundation.”
  • Donate to yourself first before you ask people to contribute. Your supporters will see others have donated when they visit your page.

Once your fundraiser is complete, please let us know: (CanadaHelps does not notify us.)

Don’t want to use Facebook Fundraisers or CanadaHelps?

You can also collect cash and cheques.

Spread the word

  • Ask yourself: Why are you fundraising for us? Your story will inspire donors.
  • Use social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).
  • Email potential donors. Personalize your story as much as possible. Include direct links for donating.
  • Promote your event with posters, school announcements and advertisements.
  • Repeat your message. People may not donate the first time they hear about what you’re doing. (Many will appreciate your reminder.)
  • Edit your email lists as you go. Avoid soliciting funds from people who’ve already donated.
  • If you hit your financial goal, increase it!
  • Give donors an incentive e.g., “I’m only $200 away from my $1,000 goal! Will you help?”

Host your event

  • Make a list of all the things you’ll need in advance.
  • Make sure you’re set up to receive donations.
  • Print out donation collection forms for your event if donors need tax receipts.
  • After you event is over, let everyone know how it went! Sometimes interested donors forget. They’ll appreciate the reminder.

Submit funds collected (if not using CanadaHelps or Facebook Fundraisers)

  • Collect cash, cheques (payable to the David Suzuki Foundation) and forms.
  • Please do not send cash in the mail. Tally the cash and either submit a cheque payable to the David Suzuki Foundation for the total or submit a donation for the entire amount by credit card using the donation collection-form.

Important: On the memo line of the donation form, note that this donation is a collection of cash from several people.

  • Put all donations and forms together in an envelope. Include a note with your fundraiser details. Mail to:

David Suzuki Foundation
Attention: Community giving
219-2211 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver, B.C. V6K 4S2

Thank your donors

  • Respond to donations as soon as possible.
  • Make your messages personal.

Feel terrific

Raising money is challenging and rewarding. Be proud of what you’ve accomplished! Let us know your event is complete:

Thank you!