Envision the future of your community

healthy, resilient community

If we don’t have a vision of a healthy, resilient community in mind, we won’t know how to plan for it. Here’s our vision of a healthy, sustainable, resilient community. What’s yours? (Illustration: Rachel Wada)

Imagine building a house without a plan. Or a bridge without a blueprint. Chances are, these projects wouldn’t turn out well.

The same can be said about building a future. If we don’t have a vision of a healthy, resilient community in mind, we won’t know how to plan for it.

So what does a healthy, sustainable, resilient community look like?


Bike illustration

Imagine the following...

  • The air is clean! There are no chimneys or tailpipes spewing pollution, and there’s very little waste to dispose of.
  • Electricity is clean, even if it comes from far away. Many buildings generate their own power and use it extremely efficiently.
  • Most people walk or roll to work or school, take public transit, or share zero-emission vehicles. There is less traffic congestion. People on bikes feel safe.
  • Neighbourhoods have shops, recreational facilities, job opportunities, connected transportation corridors and natural spaces, all within walking or rolling distance. Local events make the community vibrant.
  • Everyone feels safe, cared for and connected. People are optimistic about the future.
Farmer's market illustration
  • Many people work in the clean economy. They build and maintain energy-efficient housing and commercial buildings, produce local power and make clean technologies.
  • People are healthier because they breathe cleaner air and walk on quieter streets. Communities are diverse and tight-knit.
  • Locally produced food is plentiful because farmers are supported and agricultural land is protected.
  • Nature abounds throughout the city: ecosystems have been restored and community gardens and green infrastructure are plentiful. Healthy ecosystems help the community adapt to climate change and improve people’s quality of life.
  • New technologies such as automated vehicles are integrated to enable public transit and ride-sharing, and to reduce congestion and the need for parking spaces.

Create your own vision

What does your city, town or community look, feel and sound like? How do people get around, and where do they go? How do they spend their days, connect with each other and feel about the future?

Take time to envision the future of your community in as much detail as you can. It will be helpful to have this vision in mind when you’re ready to speak or write to your local representatives. (see our tips on working with your local government for more information)

You can share your vision with us too — your thoughts will help guide our advocacy work. Email us at localclimateaction@davidsuzuki.org.

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This resource is part of Your voice at the table: A guide to mobilizing local government climate action. Learn to work with your local government so you can build a healthy, sustainable, resilient future together.