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Letters to My Grandchildren

Books | 2015
Photo: Letters to My Grandchildren

To be published in 2015, David Suzuki's Letters To My Grandchildren offers grandfatherly advice combined with remarkable autobiographical stories. Drawing on his own experiences, he explores life's deep questions and offers up a lifetime of wisdom, inspiring us all to live with courage, conviction, and passion as we learn from... More »

Protecting your community's coastal assets: local leadership in marine planning

Reports | September 2014
Protecting your community's coastal assets: local leadership in marine planning cover

British Columbia's coasts and oceans provide billions of dollars in economic benefits. This report describes easily accessible resources local governments can use to maintain aquatic ecosystem value and productivity, including maps and tools to guide decisions and bylaws regarding management of activities on land, and in intertidal and sub-tidal zones.... More »

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I hope to see you in person this fall

Summer | August 2014

By David Suzuki I'm fortunate to have enjoyed many opportunities to explore this great country, and I hope for many more. But I probably only have one grand coast-to-coast tour left in me, and so I'm setting out from September 26 to November 9 to visit communities from St. John's... More »

Coaches find courage to change

Summer | August 2014

By Lindsay Coulter A painter, a Norwex consultant, a mommy blogger, a scientist and an Orthodox rabbi walk into a bar... No joke! They're five of my 22 passionate "volunteers for good" — Queen of Green coaches. Over eight weeks this spring they dedicated 30 hours to help families, friends... More »

Getting outside is for everyone

Summer | August 2014

By Harpreet Johal One thing that makes the David Suzuki Foundation unique is our relationships with diverse communities. Since 2010, we've expanded our reach by conducting public dialogues, media interviews and outreach campaigns in Punjabi, Mandarin and Cantonese. One example is the annual Punjabi by Nature campaign, a tailored version... More »