Active transport instead of more car traffic for Brampton

Urge council to prioritize people over cars on Williams Parkway

In the coming weeks, Brampton city council will vote on whether or not to expand Williams Parkway from four to six lanes. This decision will set the tone for five additional lane-widening projects and shape the way Bramptonians live and move for decades to come.

Research shows expanding roads worsens congestion by increasing car dependency.

Improving walking and cycling infrastructure instead would get people out of their cars, provide more equitable transportation options, reduce traffic congestion and climate pollution and improve safety and air quality.

Please sign this message to the mayor and your councillor now.

City council showed tremendous leadership last fall in voting to pause the expansion and review alternatives. In doing so, council members have shown they are serious about their climate emergency declaration and their 2040 vision for Brampton. This would also set council on track to achieve its climate targets and Brampton’s 2040 vision of a sustainable, vibrant, livable city with streets designed for people.

Let the mayor and your councillor know that you want Brampton to prioritize people and climate over cars.