You urged Ottawa to support a just and green recovery

More than 40,000 people signed this action to call on government to support a green and just recovery from COVID-19.

Even with the difficulties of the pandemic, more than 40,000 of you came together to reimagine our communities, economy and ourselves. You urged the federal government to support a green and just recovery from COVID-19 that sets us on track to a sustainable, resilient and equitable future.

As a result, the federal government made historic investments in addressing the climate and nature crises, alongside pandemic response.

This includes $15 billion announced with the government’s climate plan, $14.9 billion for transit infrastructure and active transportation and $17.6 billion to support a green pandemic recovery.

What comes next will be key. We need stronger, nearer-term climate targets, with accountability legislation to ensure we meet them. We need to continue investing in nature protection and restoration, and Indigenous leadership. We will continue working with you to keep the pressure on. THANK YOU FOR TAKING ACTION.