Photo: Center for Whale Research

Canada’s oceans need your support

Help restore biodiversity in Canada’s coastal waters!

Let’s make safeguarding whales, creating marine protection networks, rebuilding fish populations, phasing out open net-pen fish farms and protecting marine species at risk top priorities for the federal government.

Charting a course to healthy oceans requires a solid plan. Here are some marine policy recommendations we have put forward to the federal government:

  • Expanding marine planning, including co-governance, marine protected area networks, national marine conservation areas and conservation economy development.
  • Increasing fisheries stock assessment and monitoring capacity and ensuring data transparency.
  • Enhancing capacity to meet Species at Risk Act requirements to recover abundance of endangered and threatened aquatic species throughout Canada’s coastal waters, particularly salmon and whales.
  • Creating a responsible aquaculture sector through research, monitoring, enforcement and incentives for alternative production methods.
  • Implementing regulations that finalize revisions to the Oceans Act and Fisheries Act.

Tell Federal party leaders it’s time for Canada to make significant investments in nature, instead of subsidizing the fossil fuel industry.