Diversify Alberta’s energy, jobs and economy

... and protect the climate!

The global energy economy is changing. In December, nearly 200 countries signed onto the international agreement to implement the Paris climate accord. It’s rare to know the global economy’s direction, but right now it’s clear that demand for clean energy solutions will continue to rise rapidly.

Alberta is positioned to play a leadership role in energy diversification, efficiency, renewable energy and clean technology innovation, climate adaptation and emissions reduction across economic sectors. The province’s leadership has already resulted in significant new jobs for Albertans.

Alberta can build on the work that has been started — work that bolsters community economic development, diversifies and increases employment and reduces pollution — to bring on more renewable energy, ensure it’s affordable, and use it efficiently.

The solutions are known. What’s needed is political will.

Let Alberta party leaders know you want them to build a strong, resilient future for all Albertans.

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