Tell Canada to stay firm on methane climate action

Federal government must reject weak provincial methane pollution regulations 

It’s time for the Government of Canada to make sure provinces enact one of the cheapest, fastest, most effective climate solutions.

In April, the federal government announced regulations aimed at cutting methane pollution from the oil and gas industry by 40 to 45 per cent by 2025. Provincial governments can draft their own regulations to achieve the same or better results. But they need the federal government to sign off.

Industry is pressuring provinces to enact weak regulations. The federal government needs to make sure all provinces do their part to cut methane pollution by implementing regulations that are at least as strong as the federal rules.

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Methane is 84 times more powerful than carbon dioxide over a 20-year time frame. Leading scientists estimate this gas alone is responsible for one-quarter of the observed changes to Earth’s climate. Recent research suggests that methane emissions from the oil and gas sector (mainly fracked gas) is a much greater problem than reported. This challenges the claim that natural gas, including liquefied natural gas, is a “clean” transition fuel.

If we take action, reducing methane emissions can be a big part of the solution.

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