Your chance to strengthen the Canadian Environmental Protection Act

Government promised to modernize CEPA. The clock is ticking...

The Canadian Environmental Protection Act has been on the books since 1999 and needs to be updated to address modern environmental threats. CEPA is supposed to protect human health, the climate and the environment from toxics and pollution, but pollution sources and scientific understanding of risks have changed over the past two decades. Canada’s main environmental protection law has not kept pace.

In this era of climate emergency and increasing toxic threats, we need strong environmental laws that recognize our right to a healthy environment.

In 2017, the House of Commons environment committee reviewed CEPA and made 87 recommendations for strengthening the act, including amendments to recognize the human right to a healthy environment and the need to protect vulnerable populations and better control toxic substances.

If government is serious about modernizing CEPA, Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson needs to introduce a bill ASAP. 

It typically takes at least two years for a bill to move through all steps of parliamentary process and become law. Delaying a bill to modernize CEPA increases the risk it will “die on the order paper” when the next election is called.

Join the call for CEPA 2.0 in 2020!