Support a Canadian environmental bill of rights!

Ask your MP to vote yes on Bill C-219

Members of Parliament will soon vote on Bill C-219, legislation to establish a Canadian environmental bill of rights. It would give people in Canada the ability to hold polluters to account when federal environmental laws are violated.

Bill C-219 would recognize the right to a healthy environment* and establish legal mechanisms for individuals to:

  • Request investigation of unlawful activity that harms the environment, and
  • Ask the court to enforce federal environmental laws.

MP Richard Canning introduced Bill C-219 and it’s on track for an initial vote in the House of Commons this spring. If a majority of MPs vote “yay,” the bill will be referred to the House of Commons environment committee for review.

Similar legislation was introduced previously but never made it to the final vote. This time let’s make sure MPs hear loud and clear that Canada is ready for an Environmental Bill of Rights!

*Separate legislation (Bill S-5) will establish the right to a healthy environment under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. Bill C-219 would extend this right beyond CEPA to apply more broadly.