Demand a federal commitment to local climate action

Photo: Sepehr Samimi

Municipalities need resources to help our communities adapt to climate change.

Local governments are critical to federal success on climate change initiatives, housing delivery and affordability. Dedicated, flexible funding is needed to make this possible.

Recent federal budgets have included some funding for transit, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, building retrofits and nature-based solutions. Yet, revenue streams to fully support robust and targeted climate action remain limited and temporary.

It is critical to transition from one-off grants to sustained, long-term funding that facilitates coherent long-term climate responses from municipalities.

As our communities try to reduce emissions and adapt to floods, fires, heat domes and drought, we need a dedicated funding stream of $3 billion per year to support integrated and detailed community growth plans, project implementation and build municipal capacity.

Talking points

We’ve created a short description text box. What you write in this box will be placed at the beginning of your letter. In this text box, briefly state who you are, describe how climate change has affected your community and write why more funding is needed. This will help compel members of Parliament and federal government officials to act.