Turn the vision of clean electricity into reality

Photo: Green Energy Futures

Your own words can influence this key climate solution.

There is so much enthusiasm around 100 per cent clean, renewable electricity in Canada, and research has confirmed that affordable, reliable clean electricity is possible by 2035. Right now, the federal government is developing what are called the “Clean Electricity Regulations,” which will contain the rules and targets for how our electricity systems gets to zero emissions by 2035. We need to work together to make sure it is strong enough to bring this renewable vision to fruition.

Petitions are important, but they alone aren’t enough to sway politicians. Sharing your own words and perspectives with elected officials can have a big impact.

Elected officials want to hear from you personally, so please use the following speaking points as a guide but remix them to make this letter your own:

  • Introduce yourself (e.g., I’m a grandmother, student, immigrant, farmer, student, Indigenous person, nurse, avid kayaker, etc.).
  • Explain how you feel about climate change and the transition to clean energy. You can complete any of the following sentences, or come up with your own:
  • What inspires me to protect our climate is…
  • My fear about climate change is…
  • I’m excited about a transition to clean energy because…
  • New energy modelling from the David Suzuki Foundation shows that reliable, affordable zero-emissions electricity is possible across Canada by 2035, offering a climate solution that will benefit communities, create jobs and improve air quality.
  • It’s essential for the Clean Electricity Regulations to ensure that no new fossil fuels are added to our electricity mix (no new gas, coal or oil) and that strong interim targets are set to ensure early action, and to make sure this leads to the climate solutions Canada needs.
  • Getting to zero-emissions electricity brings real benefits to all communities, and we need to ensure this transition respects Indigenous rights, and highlights Indigenous knowledge and world views.
  • Finish the sentence: Clean electricity is essential because… (below are some suggestions)
    • it is a climate solution we can get to work on in all communities in Canada now with proven technologies like wind, solar and energy storage
    • cleaning up electricity by 2035 and switching from fossil fuels to clean electricity is a key solution for Canada to contribute to keeping global warming below 1.5°C
    • as cars, homes and buildings make the switch from oil and gas to electric, we need the grid to be clean to allow for real emission reduction.
    • it has the opportunity to ensure everyone has access to clean, affordable energy
    • it protects people and businesses from our dependence on the volatility of oil prices,
  • The oil and gas lobby has clearly watered down this important climate policy already. Please ensure that the Clean Electricity Regulations will do what they are intended to do which is to ensure that clean, renewable energy replaces fossil fuels in Canada’s grid.