Ask the government to solve B.C.’s electric car problem

Strong electric vehicle standard needed in B.C.

The B.C. government released its CleanBC climate plan in December 2018. Now it needs to ensure that the plan’s policies are designed and implemented for maximum impact.

One of the first policies to be rolled out — a zero emission vehicle standard — is aimed at bringing in more electric cars and trucks.

Transportation accounts for about 40 per cent of B.C.’s climate change emissions. Reducing emissions through electric vehicles is one piece of the puzzle, along with active transportation (like biking and walking), lower-carbon fuels, smarter growth and faster, better public transit.

We know many people want to buy electric cars but can’t find them in their communities or on car lots. The electric car standard is a target set by government to ensure that each year more of the cars sold are zero emission. It works.

We’re asking Ministers George Heyman and Michelle Mungall to lead implementation of the CleanBC climate plan with a well-designed electric vehicle standard that isn’t watered down by industry lobbies.

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