Final fish farm decision pending

Important fish farm decision imminent

People throughout Canada are deeply concerned about declining Pacific wild salmon populations, particularly considering their fundamental role for First Nations, communities and ecosystems.

With decades of research showing that fish farms increase the risk of disease and parasites that adversely affect salmon, it’s more important than ever to remove open-net pens from B.C. coastal waters.

The federal government has committed to transitioning B.C.’s aquaculture sector from open-net pen fish farms by 2025. We need to make sure it keeps its promise. A final decision on open-net pens is imminent, but without strong continued support from people like you, the commitment could be watered down or further delayed.

Please send a letter to your member of Parliament and Fisheries Minister Joyce Murray urging them to make sure the risks to wild salmon from fish farms are removed as soon as possible. Even if you have sent letters before, it’s more important than ever to send a reminder.

More than 100 First Nations and 75 per cent of British Columbians want to remove open-net pens from B.C coastal waters. This is the moment to make sure Canada takes the step to eliminate this danger to Pacific wild salmon as soon as possible.