Help Edmonton become a climate action leader

Ask your councillor and the mayor to pass the Energy Transition Strategy

The City of Edmonton has declared a climate emergency and proposed bold solutions. But council must turn talk into action if the city is to meet its climate targets. Send a letter to encourage your councillor and the mayor to pass the final update to the Energy Transition Strategy on April 12 so Edmonton can accelerate climate action and build a better city.

We have provided a template letter, but adding personal details can give your letter greater impact. Please click on the letter text and write/edit your own short letter. Here are some tips:

  • Introduce yourself (e.g., I’m a grandmother, immigrant, youth, student, businessperson, resident of Ward X, etc.).
  • Briefly tell them why climate action in Edmonton is important to you.
  • Thank council for passing the Edmonton Declaration for the climate emergency, but let them know they need to take decisive action now to reduce emissions and be climate leaders.
  • You can tell them that: 1) as we proceed with an energy transition, we need to help workers, prioritize equity and respect Indigenous rights; 2) the city’s commitment to a carbon budget is important and they need to start applying it to decision-making; 3) the 105 actions proposed over the next 10 years are bold and important; and 4) we cannot delay. We need to fund emission-reduction initiatives now to invest in our future.
  • Ask councilors and the mayor to vote to pass the final update to the strategy so we can begin to take definitive climate action.