Help save transit by sharing your story

Tell people why transit matters to you

Transit is a service that many of us rely on. It’s deemed essential. Some of us choose it as an alternative to using cars. Many of us rely on it for commutes to and from work or school because we care about the climate or we want to save money.

But the pandemic has changed transit use patterns. By September, ridership in B.C. had returned to 43 per cent of its pre-pandemic levels.

Just follow the steps in this tool to submit a letter to the editor of your local news outlet.

Here are some suggested speaking points:

  • Introduce yourself (i.e., I’m a mother, student, healthcare worker, new Canadian, etc.).
  • Finish the sentence: I rely on transit because…
  • Write about how important transit is to you — your livelihood and your family.
  • Write a sentence about why you and your community value transit.
  • Share something you’ve observed on your ride that may reassure people that transit is a safe option (e.g., riders are spreading out, wearing masks, cleaning is happening).
  • Explain why transit needs to be funded by the provincial and federal governments to remain a viable, safe service for all who need it.
  • Note that to prevent congestion and respond to climate change, we can’t afford to have people getting out of transit and into cars.
  • Remind people that transit is the sole affordable option for many. Reducing services will have the biggest impact on those already struggling financially.

Your name, email and postal code will be included automatically at the end of your message. Do not write in this information at the bottom of your message.

Adding a picture of yourself on transit, preferably wearing a mask, will personalize the story.

  • Step 1: Write your letter
  • Step 2: Enter information
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