Tell the government to invest in our one Earth

We are facing a climate emergency and a biodiversity crisis

Canadians are already experiencing floods, fires and ecological disruption. As the planet continues to warm, our collective well-being is under threat. There is still time to chart a course to a safe future for all. But we won’t be able to stop this crisis without federal investments in climate action, nature conservation and biodiversity protection.

To get it done, the government needs to commit sufficient funding in the upcoming federal budget or risk losing critical time in the race for the planet’s health.

It all starts by telling your MP to make good on their promise to protect the environment and Canadians’ health.

The government will be bringing down the federal budget very soon. This is the most critical moment of the year for the environment, when the federal government puts money toward priority actions. Climate and nature must be among them. Please let government know that we need them to invest in our one Earth.