Make polluters pay in Canada’s 2024 budget

Funding needed for climate and nature

Canada’s finance minister, Chrystia Freeland, is weighing options for the next the federal budget. Send her a message now.

Decision-makers are under pressure to cut spending. But we can’t afford not to invest in climate solutions and protecting nature. How to pay for it? A windfall profit tax on the fossil fuel industry could generate billions in revenue.

The fossil fuel industry is making record-breaking profits while worsening the affordability crisis for people in Canada. Many families are finding it hard to make ends meet, but oil companies aren’t feeling the pinch. Fossil fuel companies have taken advantage of geopolitical conflict to mark up oil and gas prices in Canada, growing their profits while stoking inflation.

A windfall tax on these eye-watering profits would unlock new funding to help finance climate solutions and protect nature. Investments in clean electricity, public transit and home energy retrofits would help with the cost of living and the climate at the same time. Other countries have taxed these profits. Shouldn’t Canada too?

Call for a windfall profit tax in this federal budget by signing now.

The David Suzuki Foundation is a member of the Green Budget Coalition.