Ontario’s species at risk are under attack. You can help

Government is giving industry a free pass to develop over critical habitat

The Ontario government may be opening the doors even wider for businesses in the province, but wildlife are paying the price. In a reckless proposed change to the Endangered Species Act, the government aims to let status quo habitat destruction continue. For a price, developers will be able to destroy habitat, putting threatened species such as the boreal caribou and Algonquin wolf at even greater risk.

That’s not all. The government is proposing to politicize the listing process, remove automatic protection for newly listed species and consider wildlife outside of Ontario in making decisions. That means the government will accept the extinction of a species in Ontario as long as the species remains alive and well in another province. It is also moving to enshrine replacement of habitat protection and restoration measures with measures to merely “minimize adverse impacts” — leading to death by 1,000 cuts.

The Ontario government could be putting hundreds of species at risk of extinction. It’s time to demand change.

Wildlife need us to speak out. Please take a moment to submit your comments to the government’s proposed changes before May 18, 2019.