Speak up for Ontario’s species at risk

Woman holding sign that says "# My Ontario is open for Wildlife!"

A growing number of wildlife are on Ontario’s Endangered Species list. Their habitat is being degraded by industry and we’re not leaving enough for them to survive.

The province has made changes to the Endangered Species Act that create further “efficiencies for business.” This could give industry more ability to infringe on habitat, which is bad news for the more than 200 species that law serves to protect.

But there’s good news. When government puts responsible limits in place, jobs can thrive alongside wildlife. Those limits can also ensure protection of livelihoods, nature and wildlife for generations.

Ontario is open for business, and that’s good. We need a strong, sustainable economy to power us into the future. But it should be a future we can be proud of.

Ontario must be open not only for business, but for taking care of each other and the natural world around us. That includes wildlife.

Here's how to help

  1. Write down on a piece of paper: #MyOntarioIsOpenFor _____________
  2. Fill in the blank with one thing that matters to you (i.e., birds, responsible business, species at risk, clean water)
  3. Hold the sign up and take a selfie with it (or ask someone else to take your picture)
  4. Share the photo on social media.
  5. Be sure to include the hashtag #MyOntarioIsOpenFor _____________
  6. That’s it!

Together, we can show the government that Ontarians care about protecting the nature around us.