Last chance for robust seafood-labelling laws

Tell federal food regulators you want to know more about the fish you eat

Seafood labelling in Canada does not require the correct species name or country of harvest. Tell the Canadian Food Inspection Agency you want Canada’s seafood-labelling laws brought into the 21st century so they reflect what Canadians are looking for, meet or exceed standards enjoyed by other countries and are consistent with issues the CFIA has itself identified.

For several years, SeaChoice has been working on your behalf to ensure that seafood labelling in Canada is truthful and not misleading. You told us you want confidence in the seafood you buy — what it is and where it comes from. We shared your concerns with the government, but its draft regulations don’t require this important information.

We have one last chance to voice our concerns about seafood-labelling laws in Canada. The CFIA is seeking feedback on the draft regulations. Please send an email now.