Tell the B.C. government to deliver on its climate plan

B.C. is losing its reputation as a climate leader

With increasing carbon emissions, large subsidies for oil and gas production and policies that won’t meet 2030 climate targets, B.C. must act now or risk losing its climate reputation. It’s clear that we can’t meet climate, biodiversity or reconciliation targets under the fracked methane gas status quo.

Stop subsidizing fossil fuels
We’re asking the government to ensure that this summer’s oil and gas royalty review is fair, independent and tasked with eliminating fossil fuel subsidies, in particular the Deep Well Royalty Credit. B.C. will not meet its climate objectives if it continues subsidizing fossil fuels.

Manage a decline of fracked gas (LNG) production and exports and an energy transition that leaves no one behind to ensure a climate-safe future.

Implement a stronger CleanBC plan without delay
We’re asking for the CleanBC plan to be strengthened and fully implemented. We need to move ahead with carbon pricing, accelerate the zero-emissions vehicle mandate and double down on the low-carbon fuel standard.