Make strengthening the Canadian Environmental Protection Act a priority for the next Parliament

Ask all parties to move forward with Canada’s first law recognizing environmental rights

In April 2021, Canada’s environment minister introduced Bill C-28, legislation to modernize the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. Among other important updates to CEPA, the bill proposed to recognize the human right to a healthy environment — a long-overdue paradigm shift that could help ensure all people in Canada benefit from environmental-protection measures.

Unfortunately, Bill C-28 did not advance before Parliament dissolved for the election. We are calling on all parties to make modernizing CEPA a priority in the next session of Parliament.

Send a message to all party leaders. Better protections for human health and the environment have never been more important.

Preventable exposures to toxics and pollution take a constant toll on human health, contributing to cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, diabetes, cancer and other chronic conditions. Globally, ambient air pollution alone is responsible for 8.8 million premature deaths per year — a “pollution pandemic.”

CEPA is supposed to protect against these threats, but it hasn’t been updated for more than two decades.

Bill C-28 was a much-needed starting point, but there is room for improvement.

Join the call to reintroduce Bill C-28 with improvements early in the next Parliament. Write now to ask party leaders to prioritize CEPA modernization and effective environmental rights provisions.

Strong environmental laws will be the backbone of a green and just recovery.