Call your MP for a healthy environment

Join citizens across the country. Place a call to your MP today

In its September throne speech, government committed to modernizing the 20-year-old Canadian Environmental Protection Act — but without any clear timeline.

Better protections for human health and the environment have never been more important. Let’s send Ottawa a clear message that people in Canada support moving forward quickly with a strong bill to strengthen CEPA and protect the human right to a healthy environment!

Our goal is for every MP to receive calls from constituents in support of strengthening CEPA. Please call.

Preventable exposures to toxics and pollution take a toll on human health, contributing to cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, diabetes, cancer and other chronic conditions. CEPA is supposed to protect against these threats, but it hasn’t been updated for more than two decades. In 2017, the House of Commons environment committee reviewed CEPA and made 87 recommendations for strengthening the act.

Join us in calling on government to act on these recommendations without further delay. MPs are most likely to respond to constituents. We need strong environmental laws to protect human health and the environment.

Please call your MP now.


MPs want to hear from you personally, so please do not use the following speaking points verbatim. Remix them to make them your own:

  • Introduce yourself (e.g., I’m a grandmother, immigrant, farmer, student, etc., and I live/work/study in your riding).
  • Tell your MP why strengthening CEPA, Canada’s pollution law, is important to you and your community.
  • Make the pitch (in brief!):
  • CEPA is one of Canada’s most important environmental laws.
  • Passed in 1999, CEPA has not been updated in more than two decades. It is out of date.
  • In its September throne speech, government committed to modernizing CEPA, but without any clear timeline.
  • Don’t delay. Upgrading CEPA will help protect human health and the environment. This has never been more important.
  • Go the distance: In 2017, the House environment committee made 87 recommendations for strengthening CEPA, including amendments to protect the human right to a healthy environment and better control over toxic substances.
  • Ask your MP what their level of support is for strengthening CEPA and why.
  • Ask them if they will contact Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson, urging him to introduce a strong CEPA modernization bill soon, including meaningful protections for environmental rights. (Wait for an answer on this.)
  • Ask your MP to support a strong CEPA modernization bill when it is introduced in the House.