Introducing Bee-bnb

Join our new web and mobile platform aimed at transforming Canada’s home sharing industry

Like the wildly popular Airbnb platform, Bee-bnb helps wild bees and other beneficial bugs find food and shelter in residential yards, gardens and balconies.

“Pollinators give us flowers, fruit and vegetables. As spring begins to bloom, I encourage everyone to become Bee-bnb hosts.”

David Suzuki hosts in Vancouver for the benefits it provides nature

Become a Bee-bnb superhost!

Participating Bee-bnb households can upload essential information, including amenities such as gardens filled with native wildflowers, water sources and sunny patches for basking. Critters can search for nearby accommodations and book spots along their migratory routes. Below are the top three amenities Bee-bnb superhosts provide to ensure a five-star stay.

Native wildflowers

Adapted to local climate and soil

Sunlit location

For butterfly and bee basking

Butterfly baby care

Plants local caterpillars eat, like nettles and thistles

Wild bees you can host

A majority of Canada’s 2,000+ wild bee species nest in the ground, like mining bees and bumblebees. Others, like mason and leaf cutter bees, nest in natural cavities in wood, stems and natural crevices. Leave a few bare sunny patches of soil undisturbed for ground nesters. Bundle pithy stems and set aside for cavity nesters. Below are some wild bees you can host.

Mason bees

Use mud to make nests in holes and cracks in wood and masonry

Sweat bees

Colourful, sometimes metallic green, nest in the ground

Leaf cutter bees

Solitary, make nests from chewed up leaves

Host an experience on Bee-bnb

A great pollinator patch is in a sunny spot with all the amenities queen bees and butterfly moms need to relax and raise their young. Here are some activities that wild bees will appreciate.

All-day sun

Sunny yards with stones for perching and basking

All-season buffet

Flowers that bloom from spring through fall

All-natural yard

No pesticides or herbicides

While the Bee-bnb campaign is an April Fool’s joke,
the decline of insects worldwide is not.

Download our playful factsheet or check out the posts below
to learn how you can create a pollinator patch in your yard.