Winnie Hwo

Winnie Hwo, Senior Public Engagement Specialist

Senior Public Engagement Specialist

Expertise: Project management, butterfly and pollinator blogs, diversity and engagement, and Chinese media

Credentials: B.A. in History, Simon Fraser University. B.A.A. in Journalism, Ryerson University. Former news and current affairs director for Fairchild Television, and reporter for the Vancouver Sun and CBC Vancouver; won the first Chinese language Jack Webster Award

Passion: Connecting people, learning about different cultures, food, butterflies and patio gardening

As a journalist, I was trained to keep an open mind. As a public engagement specialist, I learned to never under-estimate the generosity of people. Working with volunteers from the Butterflyway Project and Sustainable Diversity Network, I am hopeful we will be the solution to nature as we all want the same thing – a clean and vibrant environment for ourselves and our loved ones.