How to reuse silica gel packs

Silica gel pack

Think of places these moisture wickers could make themselves useful before retiring them to the landfill. (Photo: sharyn morrow via Flickr)

Don’t throw out silica gel packs found in vitamin bottles and packaging for electronics and other goods — even seaweed snacks! Instead, reuse them to combat excess moisture.

Twelve ways to reuse silica gel packs

Spice jars

Spice it up

Avoid the workout shaking clumped chili or garlic powders! Toss silica gel packs into spice jars and salt containers.

Dehydrated fruit in mason jars

Snack it up

Add them to glass jars or resealable plastic bags you use to store homemade snacks and baking (e.g., apple or kale chips).

Camping gear in a truck

Camp it up

To prevent mould and mildew, add a few silica gel packs to your tent bag or the bin where you store camping gear.

Dresser drawer

Dress it up

Add a few packs to dresser drawers and storage bins of seasonal clothing.

Lacross bags on the playing field

De-stink it up

Got damp running shoes or stinky hockey gloves? Throw a silica gel pack into each one. Also add a few to your recycling cupboard or bin to cut down on funky smells.

Polished silverware

Sparkle it up

Prevent tarnish by tossing a few silica gel packs into your silverware drawer or jewelry box. Add packs to tool boxes to prevent tools from rusting.

Seed library

Seed save it up

Add packs to the cupboard where you store seeds or drop them right into seed envelopes. Add them to jars of dried herbs, like lavender or peppermint used in DIY projects and recipes.

Violin in its case

Tune it up

Drop silica gel packs into musical instrument cases.

Smartphone with water droplets

Time is not up!

Add them to a container or resealable bag to dry a wet watch or smartphone.

Camera case

Snap it up

Add silica gel packs to camera cases and bags, and albums or envelopes of photographs.

Vintage postcards and photographs

Seal it up

Add them to filing cabinets, drawers, accordion files or paper envelopes containing sensitive or old, delicate documents.

Window with condensation

Wick it up

Add packs to a vehicle dashboard in the winter to remove moisture from leaky windows. Try putting a few on the sills of indoor window with condensation.

Think of more places these moisture wickers could make themselves useful before retiring them to the landfill. Although silica can absorb large quantities of moisture, the packs eventually reach a limit. Check online for ways to dry them out.

Note: Never ingest silica gel packs or their contents. If you find one that’s damaged, dispose of it.