Leave a gift in your will

Donors tell us they get great satisfaction from knowing their foresight will have a profound, long-lasting, positive effect.

How can I make a legacy gift?

Contact our Community Giving team: 604-732-4228 ext. 1500, (toll free: 1-800-453-1533 ext. 1500) or communitygiving@davidsuzuki.org.

1. Leave a gift in your will (bequest)

A bequest is a gift from your estate. It will reduce your estate taxes. You can give as much or as little as you want and you can always change your mind. Just add a phrase about your intention using our legal name and Canadian charitable number: The David Suzuki Foundation, BN 127756716RR0001.

You can name a specific dollar amount or a piece of property, such as a home or securities.

Suggested wording:

I give to The David Suzuki Foundation, charitable number BN 127756716RR0001 the sum of $_______.

Or, you can leave a residual gift to us — a percentage of what’s left of your estate after you take care of your loved ones. This protects your intent while ebbing and flowing with inflation or any other change.

Suggested wording:

I give to The David Suzuki Foundation, charitable number BN 127756716RR0001, ____ per cent of the residue of my estate.

2. Donate a life insurance or retirement plan

You can name us as the owner or beneficiary of your life insurance policy or retirement plan. Contact your retirement plan administrator or life insurance company and complete the appropriate beneficiary designation form.

We want to thank you

If you’ve already arranged a legacy gift you are under no obligation to tell us about it. But we would love to acknowledge your thoughtfulness! You may inspire others to do the same. If you want your gift to remain anonymous, we will respect your privacy.

Frequently asked questions


Can you help me write a will?

No. Consult an expert professional who can provide advice based on your financial and philanthropic goals.


Do I have to tell you I’ve included you in my will?

That’s up to you — but we'd love to know! Every future gift we find out about helps us ensure a solid financial foundation for years to come. (This is important to David. He knows there's lots of work yet to be done!)

Some donors send us basic details. Some include a photocopy of the portion of their will that refers to us. Anything you share with us is strictly confidential and non-binding — you can always change your mind.


Do small bequests make a difference?

Yes! We receive legacy gifts of all sizes. Over time, they add up to millions of dollars. Our work depends on donations from a wide range of sources, including individuals who contribute what they can. This grassroots funding provides the independence we need to be effective leaders.


What do you do with my gift?

Your legacy gift will fund scientific research and advocacy work, help restore and protect our natural heritage for generations to come, and safeguard the future of one of the most important environmental organizations in Canada.

Past legacy donors have inspired real change — from protecting species at risk and helping ban pesticides to promoting groundbreaking research on clean energy solutions. And their support continues to power work that represents their values, every single day.

You can read more about our current work here.

If you don't find what you're looking for, contact our Community Giving team at 1-800-453-1533 ext. 1500 or communitygiving@davidsuzuki.org.


The information provided is not a substitute for professional financial or legal advice. Consult a lawyer and/or financial adviser to determine which options are best for you and your family, and to maximize the tax advantages of your gift.