Municipalities are key to solving the climate crisis

Municipalities are not only driving emissions, they’re also key to lowering them. How we design, construct, manage and power our cities and towns in the years ahead will determine our ability to reduce a large part of our emissions globally.

Throughout Canada, cities and towns have been stepping up to take action on climate change, demonstrating the kind of bold leadership we need to create sustainable, equitable and just communities. Local governments can often be more ambitious and nimbler in their climate plans than provincial and federal governments. And because local governments are directly accountable to their constituents, residents hold a lot of power and can affect big changes.

That’s why the David Suzuki Foundation is working in key Canadian cities, helping municipal leaders develop and implement ambitious and equitable climate plans and helping citizen groups work with their local governments on climate action.

There is no climate justice without racial justice. Equity must be foundational to all climate action taken in our cities. Key to this is centring the voice of the community, especially those who are most marginalized.

Julius Lindsay, Director, Sustainable Communities