Charged Up

Our place, our power

Renewable energy is empowering communities across the country. 

 This is the story of you — of all of us — on a mission for a cleaner, healthier, charged-up Canada.

Act locally, create change nationally

Charged Up is about people power — people coming together in their communities to invest in a low-carbon economy.

We’re inspired by the people who are leading on renewables and making a difference in towns, cities and rural areas.

Do you want to learn how to get involved in the renewable energy movement? Want to join a local solar co-op or even start your own? Interested in connecting with leaders in your community on everything from wind energy to electric vehicles? Maybe you’re already a community leader and are looking for help to overcome technical or policy obstacles.

No matter what your experience with renewable energy, we’re here to connect the dots so you can help get Canada charged up with renewables.

Charge up Canada with renewable energy

Renewable energy is the best choice for the environment and the economy. Tell the federal government that the global rush for renewables is on and you want Canada to be a part of it!

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A child at the net-zero library in Varennes, Quebec

This net-zero library in Quebec inspires us all

This futuristic library in Varennes, Quebec can autonomously manage its heating, lighting and electricity systems. Discover how they built a library that runs on renewable energy.

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Charge up Canada with renewable energy

Tiny House Warriors

Is there anything these Secwepemc solar powered tiny houses can’t do?

Tiny House Warriors of the Secwepemc Nation in collaboration with Lubicon Solar are building eco-friendly solar-powered homes in the path of the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion.

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Charge up Canada with renewable energy

Wind farm near Lac-Mégantic, Quebec

Winds of change blow in Lac-Mégantic

At the centre of a contemporary Canadian fossil fuel disaster in Lac-Mégantic, a wind farm replaces the devastating legacy with a vision of hope and change.

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Get your community charged up like Lac-Mégantic

Miranda Fuller of Oxford Community Energy Co-operative Inc.

Ontario's first wind community powers almost 7,000 homes

Almost 7,000 homes in Oxford County, Ontario are powered by wind. Find out how this innovative rural community brought on Canada’s first wind initiative to feature both co-op and Indigenous ownership.

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Get your community charged up like Oxford County

Desmond Bull of the Louis Bull Tribe

Oil and gas workers go solar with Louis Bull Tribe

In the heart of oil-rich Alberta, Louis Bull Tribe now powers its daycare with solar energy. Together with Iron & Earth, Louis Bull helped train oil and gas workers with new skills for a renewable energy future.

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Dana Westermark

Building a renewable city, one neighbourhood at a time — Richmond, B.C.

When Dana Westermark thought about a sustainable future, he thought locally first. Together with the City of Richmond, Westermark has helped bring thousands of homes and community buildings onto geo-exchange.

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Charge up Canada with renewable energy