Humans of Blue Dot: Sam Albert

(Photo: Vincent Tom)

Sam Albert is a Blue Dot volunteer, youth climate strike organizer, French for the Future Ambassador and founder of his school’s environmental club. 

In the beautiful province of British Columbia, I am surrounded by clean air, old-growth forests and a pristine ocean. However, due to the increased number of forest fires over the past five years, my summers, which were once filled with outdoor adventures, have been replaced by air advisories and weather warnings. These effects of climate change on my daily life and the lives of my community inspire me to protect the environment as I do not want these problems to persist or worsen for my and future generations.

Environmental rights would make an immense difference in combating the climate crisis as it would empower everyday citizens to hold our government and big corporations accountable for their negative impacts on the planet. I believe having the right to a healthy environment is the most meaningful way to secure protection for human health and natural places for generations to come. It would also empower citizens to become strong stewards of Earth.

The most inspiring part about working with the Blue Dot team is the community of volunteers. I never feel more empowered or inspired than after one of our rad meetings where I get to hear all the amazing ideas everyone has to share. It is the other Humans of Blue Dot who reinstate hope in me about the fate of our planet and remind me that our movement is only becoming stronger.

Blue Dot relies on the efforts of dedicated citizens taking action in their local communities. Humans of Blue Dot is an attempt to capture the unique stories of some inspiring volunteers who have generously given their time to advancing the environmental rights movement in Canada.