The solar generation

Jared Clarke’s Grade 6/7 class knows Saskatchewan’s potential

Walking through the doors of Regina’s Lakeview School, you can feel the excitement. Students have been learning about their province’s solar capacity, and they’re thrilled to learn that Regina has some of the best solar power potential in Canada.

In fact, the Saskatchewan capital sees as much sunshine year-round as Sydney, Australia.

But where are all the solar panels?

For Clarke’s students, the solution is clear.

“We should obviously have more [solar],” says student Nhu.

It’s been a hallmark year for the Queen City. More solar is on the way.

In October 2018, Mayor Michael Fougere and Regina city councillors passed a historic motion to become a 100 per cent renewable city by 2050.

That month, Cowessess First Nation launched its solar and wind project outside Regina. A field trip to the project gives Clarke’s class hope and inspiration.

With their passion for renewable energy, there’s no denying that the students have a bright future.

This is Canada’s solar generation — young, wide-eyed and ready to make a difference.

Renewable energy is empowering communities across the country. Charged Up is the story of you — of all of us — on a mission for a cleaner, healthier, charged-up Canada.

Stephen Hall is a Regina-based filmmaker and a creative consultant at Stephen Hall Creative. He is a passionate advocate of solar power, and promotes energy education initiatives through nrgPartners — an organization he founded in 2017.

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