District of North Vancouver Butterflyway

Butterflyway Ranger activity in the District of North Vancouver is all about collaboration and expansion. Sunset Boulevard, Bournemouth Crescent laneway, Queensbury Village and Loutet Farm are some of the projects to look for this year.

About the District of North Vancouver Butterflyway

The Butterflyway Project is a citizen-led movement growing highways of habitat for bees and butterflies across Canada.

Butterflyway Rangers in the District of North Vancouver joined the project in 2018. Rangers wrapped the season by celebrating the naming of the first Butterflyway Lane in the Windsor Park neighbourhood between Bournemouth Crescent and Dollarton Highway.

That was only Part 1 of the Butterflyway Laneway project!

This year, Rangers Stephen Deedes-Vincke and Sally Hocking continue to extend the laneway, encouraging more neighbours to come onboard. After a summer of tearing down old fences and installing new ones, planting wild flowers along the laneway and helping Butterflyway Rangers get started for the new season, the husband and wife team isn’t showing any sign of slowing down. Stephen helped set up our Butterflies in My Backyard citizen science project on iNaturalist, an app that allows residents of British Columbia to document and identify the thousands of butterflies they see.

For our 2019 season, 10 new Rangers have been working together with Rangers who joined last year. They are planting for new laneways and pathways, linking food and wild pollinators outside an award-winning local restaurant, securing a Butterflyway Garden at Loutet Farm, and experimenting with their own Butterflyway gardens at home and along boulevards. One of the most exciting features for DNV Butterflyway Rangers this season is the opportunity to have our artist Ranger Abby Taylor paint wall murals for our Butterflyway Laneway and a kid-friendly neighbourhood strip mall.

Here are some of the projects we are watching closely this season:

  • When Kitty Castle joined the Butterflyway Project this season, she knew what she wanted to do. “I think there may be a very good location near my home. This is a pathway used by elementary and secondary school students, and at the moment is a neglected area in a sunny location. I like gardening and protecting the environment, so this idea of a Butterflyway fits with my interests,” Kitty wrote in her application for the Butterflyway Project. Today, Kitty’s Sunset Boulevard Butterflyway Pathway is looking great, and butterflies and bees are visiting the buffet of goodies Kitty and her team have planted. Like Stephen and Sally, Kitty is not stopping here. She is meeting with the district coordinator to map out next steps before the 2019 season wraps up in October.
  • Loreen Barnett lives near Capilano Road and Marine Drive. One of her biggest challenges is presented by the neighbourhood’s constant land development. She’s determined to do her part to plant for butterflies and bees because the loss of pollinator habitats means long-time residents need to step up.
  • Kelly and Timothy Lack live in the District of North Vancouver, but they wanted to build a kid-friendly Butterflyway garden on a business property they own in the City of North Vancouver. They are almost finished planting and building. Soon they will also have a butterfly-themed wall mural by Ranger Abby, too.
  • Evan Allardyce is a teacher at École Handsworth Secondary. When he joined the Butterflyway project this year, he was father of a toddler. By the time the season wraps up, he will be a father of two. Evan’s goal is to plant for butterflies and wild pollinators at Handsworth. The school was under renovation last school year. Come 2020, the sky is the limit for Handsworth students and Evan!
  • Joanne Bengert and Paula Cruise are pillars of our DNV Butterflyway Project. Joanne brought the Butterflyway project to the North Shore and Blueridge neighbourhood. Paula linked us to non-profit communities, and this year, managed to set up a permanent home for a Butterflyway Garden at Loutet Farm.

Illustrated map of butterflyway locations in the District of North Vancouver

District of North Vancouver Butterflyway locations

Use this interactive map to explore the locations of butterfly-friendly pollinator patches that volunteer Butterflyway Rangers established in the District of North Vancouver with the support of local residents, groups, schools, city officials and Foundation staff.