About the Toronto Leslieville Butterflyway

The Butterflyway Project is a citizen-led movement that is growing highways of habitat for bees and butterflies through neighbourhoods in communities across Canada.

In 2017, the David Suzuki Foundation recruited 14 east end residents to help establish a butterflyway through the Beaches neighbourhood. The team of 14 Butterflyway Rangers participated in events, and connected with local groups and businesses like the Beaches Garden Society, Woodgreen, Ed’s Real Scoop and several schools and daycares. They even recruited a second troop of Rangers, with help from Councillor Mary Margaret McMahon. In the end, more than 20 pollinator patches were established and the Beaches became Canada’s first official butterflyway!

Now, the project is shifting next door, to Leslieville. The David Suzuki Foundation has recruited volunteers in the Toronto neighbourhood to become Butterflyway Rangers. These new Rangers have learned about bees, butterflies and wildflowers, and about community organizing, including tips on how to fundraise, host events and establish plantings at schools and parks. They are returning to their neighbourhood with a mission: to establish a neighbourhood butterflyway with at least a dozen pollinator patches.