Camp Suzuki: Howe Sound

Camp Suzuki offers a rare opportunity to learn about Howe Sound's rich history, Squamish Nation culture and language, conservation leadership and coastal ecosystems.

About Camp Suzuki: Howe Sound

The David Suzuki Foundation and Camp Fircom have partnered to offer camps on beautiful Gambier Island in British Columbia’s Howe Sound. Camp Suzuki: Howe Sound is a nature-based summer camp that combines coastal protection training and First Nations education. Regardless of your age, it offers a chance to disconnect from technology and reconnect to nature.

Adventure awaits

Camp Suzuki 2018 is now closed; thank you for your interest. If you are interested in the 2019 edition of Camp Suzuki, please inquire with Delaney Beaton at

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  • Camp Suzuki: Howe Sound

    Morning shukw'um with the Squamish Nation at Camp Suzuki: Howe Sound. (Photo: Jennifer Deol)

  • Canoes and kayaks at Camp Suzuki: Howe Sound

    Canoes and kayaks at Camp Suzuki: Howe Sound.

  • Ethnobotany workshop

    Ethnobotany with Jared Van Somer from Ayas Men Men.

  • Eel grass restoration

    Sea Change leads Camp Suzuki on eel grass restoration in Howe Sound.

  • Camp Suzuki: Howe Sound

    Paddlers at Camp Suzuki: Howe Sound.

  • Dockside group exercise

    Suzuki Elders lead a storytelling and narrative workshop.

  • Jumping off the dock

    There’s always time for a swim.

  • Squamish Nation drummers

    Members of the Squamish Nation share traditional song and dance.

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