Walking with the Squamish

Since 2015, the David Suzuki Foundation, Ayes Menmen, the Squamish Nation and Camp Fircom have worked together to offer camps on beautiful Chá7elkwnech (Gambier Island) in British Columbia’s Átl’ka7tsem (Howe Sound). Camp Suzuki at Chá7elkwnech is a nature-based summer camp that combines coastal protection training and First Nations education. Regardless of your age, it offers a chance to disconnect from technology and reconnect to nature.

Along with teaching from members of the Squamish nation — including the famed Canoe Family — Camp Suzuki at Chá7elkwnech: Walking with the Squamish will feature seminars from David Suzuki Foundation staff and other skilled educators.

You can now attend professional development camps led by members of the Squamish Nation. On April 24-25 we are offering our first professional development session for post-secondary educators and faculty.

We also host a fall session for primary and secondary educators looking to incorporate Squamish teachings and methods to fulfil provincial curriculum.

If you would like to learn more about the camps and retreats please contact camp@davidsuzuki.org.