Community fundraisers (businesses)

Thank you for considering fundraising for us! The money you raise will go straight to work protecting the people and places you love.

Please read the community fundraising terms and conditions.



  • You must display our “Proudly Supporting the David Suzuki Foundation” logo on websites, promotional materials, email and social media. English, French and bilingual versions are available.
  • You cannot use the “Proudly Supporting” logo or Foundation branding on products or product packaging.
  • Your use of our name on websites, promotional materials, email and social media is subject to the Foundation’s discretion.
  • You will get a tax receipt for your donation if your fundraising activity complies with Canada Revenue Agency charitable gifts regulations.
  • We only process final net proceeds.

We cannot:

  • Promote your fundraiser on social media
  • Provide speakers (including David Suzuki), volunteers or banners
  • Endorse a product
  • Issue tax receipts for gifts in kind
  • Distribute products or services

Submit a fundraising idea

Approved fundraisers will receive an official contract.

Examples of fundraisers

Percentage of proceeds fundraiser

One of the best ways to let people know your business cares about protecting the planet is through a percentage of proceeds fundraiser for us!

The process is straightforward. Many companies have had outstanding results.

Just submit your idea and say how you’d like to set up your fundraiser.

You might also be interested in joining 1% for the Planet, as a company or on your own. Members of this global network give one per cent of annual sales/salaries/net worth to environmental non-profit organizations — like us! Visit

Reusable bag incentive fundraiser

Earth’s oceans now contain massive swirling plastic patches. Most of it comes from plastics discarded on land. Plastic bags entangle and kill marine life. “Microplastics” are everywhere in the marine food chain. They leach into the ground and contaminate crops.

The first step to address the problem is to reduce plastic usage. You can help! Encourage your customers to replace plastic bags with reusable and eco-friendly alternatives.

You can raise money by:

  • Charging a fee (five cents or more) for each plastic bag requested.
  • Donating all or a part of the proceeds from reusable bag sales.
  • Offering an incentive (such as the cost of a bag) when customers bring in their own reusable bags.

Running your fundraiser:

  1. Once you and the Foundation sign the contract, you’ll receive our “Proudly Supporting the David Suzuki Foundation” logo.
  2. Create in-store and online signage and social media messaging.
  3. Educate employees.
  4. Run your campaign:
    • Prompt employees to ask if customers would like to take part.
    • Publicize your project through social media channels at point-of-sale.
    • Track progress (e.g., amount of money raised, number of plastic bags diverted). Keep customers updated.
  5. Complete program:
    • Tally and announce your results.
    • Celebrate your success. Thank customers/donors.
  6. Submit proceeds by mailing a cheque payable to the David Suzuki Foundation to:
    David Suzuki Foundation
    Attention: Community fundraising
    219-2211 West 4th Avenue
    Vancouver, B.C. V6K 4S2

Thank you!