Canoe garden

Here is a conversation-starting way to welcome local bees and butterflies: plant a Butterflyway canoe garden!

Torontonian Aidan Dahlin Nolan dreamt up the idea of filling canoes with butterfly-friendly plants when he volunteered with the David Suzuki Foundation. Aidan helped land more than 30 canoe planters across the city, mostly in schoolyards and parks.

“Retired” canoes filled with soil, native wildflowers and shrubs add colour and feed local bees and butterflies. They’re also a playful nod to long-buried lost streams and rivers that run through neighbourhoods.

Six steps to planting a canoe garden

  1. Find a location
  2. Get permission and hatch your plan
  3. Find plants native to your area (take note of our canoe garden plant list!)
  4. Find a canoe
  5. Plant your canoe
  6. Celebrate!